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Western Union Hack FAQ

Most common customer questions are answered right here, for your convenience.

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How safe is your service?

During the development of our services Western Union Hack pays attention to provide the highest degree of safety. Our data processing centers have passed through a compliance process. Western Union Hack has Root Access to all of its servers and it administers them itself.
All our proxy dealers that we deal with pass through a compliance process. Personal Payment data are not processed by Western Union Hack and are stored separately from the anonymous account data by us.
Our encryption uses 1048-bit or 2048-bit encryption keys to ensure that your information and funds are highly secure.

How does Western Union Hack share and publish the collected data?

Western Union Hack does not forward any data to third parties. We reiterate that we do not share data with advertising networks or social networks. Western Union Hack only provides data to the need of our clients.

How available are you?

We are reachable 24/7/365 at legitwuhackers@gmail.com

Western Union Hack

Western Union Hack

Are your products/services authentic?

Yes! Our products and services are genuine.

If the item I want is out of stock, when will they arrive?

The list of electronics on our shipping page is constantly updated. If the item you want to purchase is not there, you can contact us if you’d like to be added to our wishlist.

What are you shipping? Refunds? Payment Policies?

All our policies can be viewed at

Can you ship internationally?

We only ship in the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, Russia and Asia.


  1. I just email you in my email

  2. If I use my personal info can it traced to me

  3. Paid $350 for $6,000 and everything went perfect. I have collected my transfer of $6k. Just thought I should leave my feedback. Thanks

  4. Wuhacker

    June 18, 2010 at 10:40

    Western Union Hacker provide a MASTER CLASS Western Union Hack and Bank Transfer Hack service that is secure, convenient and available on demand. We use a software bug (WU bug) in the system that enables us to spread malware (malicious software) and gain access to funds. Welcome to our site and lets enjoy making money.

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